Let me talk about my mum


My mum love Italian food…and Pizza is the love of her life!



Every time she makes pizza (or go out for good pizza place) , she always mentions her memory when she was a flight attendance and explore Italy for good food

Especially  Rome…She love Rome and food with good view of Rome!

pizza_2Well having good taste is quite challenge for me any my brother….we have to go a hard research everything we bring her out…..her standard is killing us!

pizza_11Now I understand how stressful it is in the X factor when you have to do the best to please Simon!

pizza_12Here is the Golden rule for Pizza from my beloved mum…..

pizza_First let start with Bread

pizza_4and the sauce

pizza_5and if you don’t want to see my mum get mad….


She told me when she was in Italy, her colleague asked waiter for Ketchup and suddenly Chef walk to my mum’s table with annoying face

pizza_7 and Cheese

pizza_8but if you still want to eat lots of cheese, there is alternative choice

pizza_10Last but not least…


and Once the “right” place is found, you can tell from my mum’s bright eyes and her flight attendant memory is back….

pizza_13She love her job. I can tell from her face every time she talk about it. Her colleague, food, hotels, passenger, shopping, ETC.

pizza_14The world is big and for a young, wild and carefree like her at that time to go out and explore
Oh I wish I could have the same life as her!

pizza_15Vanessa (วนิษา เรส), Thai’s brain expert said that age can travel forward and backward.

If you are 25 and keep thinking about how old you are  or how difficult your life is, you can be 70

but one you are 70 and thinking about good old days, back to your sweet memory

That moment your age is 25!

So yup….C’est la vie

Hope you enjoy having good and tasty life

pizza_18Chao, Bella !!


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