After had been sicked like a rag finally I’m back to normal!!

comic 113I should thanks to these 2 things that really help me get recovered sooner than I expected lol

comic 114 comic 115_2

However, since my consciousness is back to (almost) normal,

I have to find something to worry about and I think it’s some kind of women’s unsolvable (and sentimental) issue……

comic 96_1Ok I accept that since I start my full time job, I hardly take care of my body as I always do.

Healthy body requires time and discipline

so……..life has no short cut, that’s what I heard!

comic 96_2

once you begin to worry about one thing, there will come another

and this one is the most classic issue

comic 95_1I can’t remember how much I complain about loads of works I have been doing,

and how much energy I’ve spend,

and how much weight I have gained since I start work,

and why it has to be me,

and how come everything turn to be in this way,

and why it shouldn’t be in another way,





until I can’t find any more questions to ask,

not because I don’t give a shit,

or resign on my life,

but because I just realize that

Human love to set questions on everything, it’s our nature.

but the problem is…… once we ask, we must fine  “perfect” answers.

(and yes Perfectionist is one of my worst habit!)

we wish those eureka moments are somewhere out there

…..if we keep searching hard enough

comic 115_3

Well……..Archimedes tried to find the greatest answers for mankind out there too

but he got his “eureka” from the simplest place in the world

………in the bathtub…….with himself

I think my life doesn’t relate to Archimedes or anything scientific,

but what I can see is that

I just love to complain & blame everything

and I feel so good that I can easily get away with it with millions of reasons

works, traffic, income, people, weather, food, this and that……..

Life is about you and how you connect to the world.

if you find problems, stop complain & do something

and if you can’t change the world……change your world then

and let’s face it…….your problems aren’t more important than others……believe me

while I was writing this journal, Etta james’s vinyl record played from my dad’s turntable.

comic 94_3

I love her song and her deep voice always calm me down.

especially her day dreamer about love and life…….

etta_jameslovely, isn’t it?

it doesn’t mean I will have less works or lose weight instantly,

but at least I can smile upon on whatever is happening with me right now.



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