I hate getting sick and I hate doing nothing

but today I have both…..damn it!!!!

While my body stuck on the couch stairing at the ceiling, blowing nose and barking like a dog I started to thinking to myself……. comic 106
to distract my muddled mind, I decided find something to do beside stay on the couch…
and I found the answer! yay!

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 8.59.10 PM
the movie I randomly bought from the street market month ago

comic 107
The story is about  Alex and Nica, young lovers/backpackers travel in the beautiful  Causasus Mountain in Georgia. They hired the local guide to be a leader to the camping site.

it’s a fine movie…..but well…..

comic 108

but beside that, the senses are breath-taking!!

it reminds me of my Lake District and Jordan trip last year.
those images still clear in my mind like it’s just happen few months ago.

( you can check out my Jordan’s journay at https://pinnary.wordpress.com/2012/10/18/salam-aleikum-jordan/)

comic 109

I wish I could be there…….again

I looked back to my life last year,
what would happen if I choose not to comeback?
what would happen if I choose to become freelance illustrator/backpacker and have a carefree life?

well….seems so different from who I am now. totally different to the point I can’t imagine how it would be

comic 111_2

While I began to freaking out about my life ( as always)

something pop up into my head like it tried to ease those questions….

something to awake me back to reality

“The world is just spinning around and you can’t stop it”

no matter where you are what do you decided to do/ not to do in life….. life is still goes on
and there are still have millions of people out there daily continue their lives and there is no exception.

comic 111_1

reminds me again of Hairspray’s famous song when Tracy showed up in Miss Teenage Hairspray contest with her outstanding confident look.
comic 112_1
‘Cause the world keeps spinning
‘Round and ’round
And my heart’s keeping time
To the speed of sound
I was lost til i heard the drums
Then i found my way

‘Cause you cant stop the beat

um feel like I want to wake up and move my body a bit

comic 112_2

have an healthy/ happy life

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