I undoubtedly believe in the law of attraction…

once you strongly believe in something, It will attach similar thing into your life.

However, since life is funny (kind of dark humors funny though), so it just knock on my door when it feel like it wants to (of course it’s not me who have a power to choose! lol)

I was so lazy lately….feel like everything surround me was so heavy….too heavy for me to keep on doing on what I aim for. Spontaneously, I had a chance to talk to one artist (who was introduced by one cool designer I always admire….both of them once used to be strangers but now I can call them new awesome friendship!) it’s not  sophisticated topics, just simple ideas about illustration. Then he said goodbye because he felt like he want to draw………and I feel like I really want to bring my drawing back to life again also.

comic 40comic 47comic 46comic 45comic 44

comic 49comic 43

comic 48I think I can’t live without drawing…..oh dear!

so…good night everyone out there

wish you have an awesome day tomorrow 🙂


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