What I love (and hate sometime) of being human is…

Once you are unaware, the unexpected things always knock on your front door…….

toolate_6Meet Daisy, the lovely sunshine girl who come to visit me from time to time.

( I can’t give her real name but I name her after her positive personality, hope you guys don’t mind)

toolate_1She is a typical teenager who love to talk and be happy in her world where is everything is still possible.

And fortunately I enjoy to listen to her also. lol

Suddenly, she started to talk about her stressful that she has been carrying. It’s about her school, family’s expectation and stuff and whatever she’s going through at the moment isn’t what she really want to do.

From her shaking voice, I know she’s frightening

then she simply asked me this question,

but I felt like someone just hit me with an huge hammer!

toolate_2Is it too late too go back to go what we really want in life?

This is from the girl whose age is not even 20 yet…..

if it too late for her, and how about me? how about us?


My mind went back to the conversation I had with Summer,

one of my oldest friend who has been friend with me for 15 years… long live old friend !!

We talked a lot about what we really want in life and she mentioned about her dream when we was young.

toolate_4My mind slightly lost confident and hesitate about my life’s situation.

Is it too late to go back to do for what we really love? or it’s too late already.

while I was freaking out of my (almost) 30 crisis, my mind tracked back to last month when I talked to one of my faithful illustration’s client whose heart is much bigger than the ocean!

(let me call her Zen, she deserve this name!)

toolate_8She listened to me carefully and said to me in the peaceful but full of meaningful….

toolate_9Life is about to learn and the whole world is the real school.
we pass, we fail, we cry and we learn. That’s the beauty of being alive.

so it’s never too late to start over again…unless……


We need to learn a lot like allow yourself to do unfamiliar job, be struggle, do your best and learn from them. it’s called responsibilities. It might sound boring but fact is a fact. if you start to run away I can tell you, you would run away from everything for the rest of your life.

So as long as you take 100% on your responsibilities,  I pretty sure nothing will waste your time. We need to do the uncomfortable work so that we will appreciate our passion more….

Once you gather enough of the experiences, it will be your time, to pack your stuff and go to your own way.

toolate_5Chasing for what you love isn’t easy and it requires a lot of strength and immunity.

Also, the pathway will be a very long way so make sure you have big bag!!


So dear dream chasers, do your best for whatever you are doing right now and be strong and ready.

have an awesome day!!


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