Being creative marketing I found my job is interesting since it allows me to meet many new people.

and yes it always amazes me of how the they reveal themselves via the dialogue we have and sometime from the short conversation you knew that the person you are talking to could be your new alliance.

comic 15_meetnewpeopleBut well sometime the conversation begin to change into different direction, with too much opinions and egos, I found the dialogue kind of lost it’s charms…

comic 18_talkand the worst case is, he/she just dig their own grave……

comic 15_helpwhile someone has a big mouth with too much thing come out, there is still  a person you feel comfortably be  with even though you hardly talk to him/her….it’s strange but it’s like you have an invisible conversation with that person….lol

comic 18_silent talk

with to many conversation happen in my life, this is how I am  so far….
comic_sleepbeing tired and  from my regular job, I need to shut down my brain so I decided to meet my brother at his brand new condominium. it’s time to rebuild the brother sister bounding….

His place is quite cool. It has good view of Bangkok, but his room  is still empty due to his short budget.

comic 19_newcondoHe suppose to have a meeting with his colleagues about his new  project..

comic 19_meetingbut this is actually happen……unpack ikea DIY furnitures and build them at almost midnight….

comic 20and we end up trying 3D version of WALKING THE DEAD series…

very productive meeting guys! lol comic 21_3Dglassesapart from ikea stuff, we exchanged about this and that, bits and bobs.

(about works, about people I met and work with)

It’s always good to have someone to talk too

flyingconversationand it’s awesome to if the conversation you have help you to go through your hard day….

like a balloon lift you up to the sky comic 21_balloonSo I wish you have a good supportive dialogue with people in your life.

comic 21_shit

have a good day 🙂


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