I feel so bad that I haven’t used my paint brush for a while. I think it needs to do some exercise….


Some people may know I’m working in Animation Studio who create “Shelldon”, the world wide animation originally from Thailand.  Literally, I would love to be his big sister because he’s such a charismatic young shell boy. If you have a chance to know him, I’m sure you will love him like it do!

So I have a little promise I will bring him out to the world. I hope I can made it 🙂

03Beside Shelldon, this is my life so far……

0102(Seriously don’t do it!!)

04This is Gail, my ex class mate when we were in Kingston and still be my creative partner.


I met her and this is how we spend 2 hours together…..

we are such a nerd lol


So we had to move our “working table” from a restaurant to my car, in the middle of Bangkok at 10.30 pm…..

06comic 3


And this was what happencomic 4

comic 5comic 6I don’t know how could I help her with my random question but I hope it might inspired her something….good luck Gail.

Then I head home at midnight.

0708comic 809yup

this is it


(for now….)


have an happy and inspired day 🙂



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