After being Freelance and student for most of my life, I decided to change my life by start my full time job again.

With so many thing I have to learn, catch up and struggle, I see myself as a fish swim uncomfortably in a tank after the water was replaced.

Also, my first project is kind of throw me out of my comfort territory…..which is challenge but terrify me pretty much…and sometime my shoulder seems so heavy with invisible rocks I called “responsibility” and “expectation”

If only I could sit down and sympathized with myself…

but nah!……if everything is too perfect life would be very……very……. boring……..

so……what the hell, let’s walk cross and do it!!!


remind me of The ting tings song

“We can’t be honest

We call it off

We got the choice

If it all goes wrong

We walk, we walk We walk, we walk”


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