I have been away from my blog for a while due to many excuses I made up ( busy, don’t have time, lack of imagination blah blah blah…..) Ok I have to make a new commitment… no more excuses and be on my word.

I was in Chiang Mai, the northern city of Thailand, for 2 weeks because I got a project to redesign a magazine there but unfortunately it was called off so instead of work I turned to be my leisure trip of food + sketch… haha

Untitled-22Our Studio where we eat, work and sleep.

Untitled-21My Colleague’s computer. You can tell how work hard and organise(?) we are lol

Untitled-20 Chiang Mai has one unique atmosphere that totally opposite from Bangkok.

Everything here is slow and calm that really want me to sleep all day.

Untitled-12Our main transportation here 🙂 Untitled-18
Toko, our photographer whose room/studio is next to ours.

Untitled-19We met Ammi, the cutest baker I’ve ever met!, for magazine’s shooting. She opens her house to be a bakery shop close to Chiang Mai train station. Her cupcakes are incredibly cute and also yummy! check out at >>Ammi<<

Untitled-11If you love coffee, you wil love Ristr8to, one of the best coffee place in Chiang Mai. The owner is famous for world’s latte art champion and the delicate work in each cup he creates.


Untitled-14Stray dogs! Signature of Asian’s street lol

Untitled-6my doodle from dogs I saw. I add a bit of Chiang Mai’s art in it.

Untitled-2Untitled-7The last 5 days I decided to live alone in the old city. I rent a room close to Ta Pae road. This is the view from my room. The cool boutique hotel that I can’t afford and the messy electricity post that really close to my balcony. (yeah my place is just a small guesthouse! lol)

Untitled-9bird’s nest the small earthy cafe in the old city Chiang Mai.

Untitled-15Bird’s nest coffee (with my confession!)

Untitled-1Wat Phra Sing, one of the famous temple.

Untitled-5 Untitled-4I found these statues in the temple are very interesting. But instead of sketch them

I decided to create new type of statue with my style.

Untitled-16The last but not least, I met and knew both new and old friends that I couldn’t imagine myself. Each person gave me different ideas and thoughts. Thank you everyone that I met 🙂


4 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Trip

  1. Oh wow, I would love to hang out and draw in a perfect little ChiangMai coffee house drinking ristretto after ristretto! Thanks for the little 5 minute armchair vacation in my head Pinyada.

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