Today I started the day with this tragedy news from the US about the Connecticut school shoot. Among 26 victims 20 are children……It reminds me of previous day in the southern part of Thailand,  2 teachers were shot by Terrorists. They are the latest teachers from 157 victims in the south.


Both news really shake my heart since I was a teacher. Moreover, School should be one of the safest and most respectful place for young generations and also the people who dedicate their lives for education. However, seems like my belief isn’t right anymore…….


New technology/knowledge have been discovered every minutes and we learn a lot more than the past. We even walk on the moon! But….what’s wrong with the world today? what’s wrong with our mind?

Sorry that I’m so dramatic today but I need to speak out…..I feel so sorry for both news and I wish everything will getting better.

Long live the Education



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