“Loy Kratong”

Thai tradition that happen in every year in the full moon night of November. Many floating baskets (Kratong) made from banana leaves and flowers with candles, joss sticks and some coins inside will be floating all over the river. The reason of this tradition is to pay respect, ask for forgiveness and make a wish from the Goddess of river.

Imagine the bright full moon night with thousand of Kratongs with the candle light floating all over the clam river. Moreover there is sky lanterns lined up in the sky………such a damn feeling good day, don’t you agree?

Also it’s a time to float away the concerns you have, the uncomfortable feeling you are carrying on your shoulder, the unlucky life you are confronting,….whatever reasons you have, it’s time to let it go and float away ……………………………with “Kratong”

Happy Loy Kratong day and have a good life XX


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