I used to hate drawing portrait so much when I was in my BA course. However, every time I went out for location drawing/doodling/traveling/etc, the first thing that catch my eyes is usually are people and their unique character/movement and I have to take my sketchbook out and start to draw.
Maybe now I found people are impressive…….maybe!

A guy in the navy blue suit and the army hat on the train to Bristol, UK (He knew I drew him cause he kept on look at me but I think he get use to being watched and being in the spotlight lol)


I sketched her on the train back home when I was in UK. She has a lovely blond hair with bright cheek that matched with her scarf. I think she was a bit shy as I stared at her all the way while we were on the train. lol


My brother and his friend, Paul, when we were at Newquay, Cornwall last month. I sketched on the tissue while we had dinner at the Mexican place. They both looked so tired…..



This is Prang, my brother’s colleague. We went out together for Shisha at Kawsarn road, the tourist’s street, in Bangkok. (It was my first Shisha in Thailand and first time I tried a real watermelon Shisha!) you can tell from the lines how nervous and confused I was at that time….I just get back home for 2 days after have been living in the UK for 2 years.


I was in the underground train on the way to meet my old professor and saw her wearing Traditional Thai’s pattern shirt. She looks calm while the world around her are so hectic…


Being an Art student in Thailand mean you have to curl your hair, have tick eyeliner and wear tartan patterns shirt lol…..they sat opposite me in The design’s library in Bangkok.


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