Since I watched Indiana Jones with my dad when I was young, the image of the ruined enormous rose city of Petra has been embossed in my mind & I said to myself  “Before I die, I have to go to see Petra with my own eyes.”
This is it….I made it………one of my dreams is already accomplished…….
If you asked me ” How does it feel?”  >>> ” So Damn GOOD!!”




The Member of the trip >> Kingston’s MA illustrator……
Korea + Thailand + China = Great companies!



In Amman, We had Falafel sandwich for dinner at the 24 hours street food place close to our hotel. As you can tell my hand started to doodle the lady who sat on my view. Her son saw me and walked to me and signed her name in my sketchbook…….and at the same time I felt like we were a target among local people….I assumed that they might didn’t see travellers with pen and sketchbook often.




Time for sweet ( which is literally SWEET!!) I had one dessert called Harisa which was good but a bit oily.



The first night in Amman was unforgettable. We had tea before we went to bed and apparently it made me awake all night! After had been trying to find the way to sleep (and failed!) I realized that it wasn’t only me who suffered from the hotel’s hospitality…..



After only 30 mins nap at 4 am, we took the local minibus to Jerash , the northern city that famous for the ruined Roman empire site.



And we wandered around Amman in the Afternoon……



View from the top of the Roman Theatre…..



3Rd day is trip to Madaba, the mosaic and Christianity town >> Mount Nebo, which presume Moses was buried >> Floating in the Dead sea 🙂



The afternoon’s Activity >> Walked around town >> followed the guitar’s sound until we found a small Jodanian traditional guitar shop >> took stairs up to the hill which lead us to nowhere >> found Siberian husky which really look like my dog Leo >> Followed the street cats to the main street on the hill >> met lovely Jordanian man who invited us to his place for Tea ( and offered for a short cut to the Amman Citadel so that we didn’t have to pay the entrance fee. lol)……… it was our spontaneous and lucky stroll day 🙂



His name is Khaled and this is his lovely oldest daughter Sheraz. We talked and had fresh sage and mint tea from his garden with the view of the sunset in the background…….what a calm and peaceful evening.



And yes…..This is Al Khazneh, the gate to the rose city, Petra….I was speechless……..



The mountains in Petra and camel for the tourists.



Next day we left the charming Petra behind and headed to Wadi rum, the Desert area in the south of Jordan where The famous Lawrence of Arabia were shoot. Since we were short in budget, what we could afford for lunch was Baklawas, Water, chips, Cookies, biscuits  and Cheap cheddar cheese. Well at least we didn’t have to eat sand. lol



Flies, the annoying bugs wherever they are in the world.



After long day explored in the Desert, we took a rest in the camping site waiting for the sunset and the Bedouin dinner. (MengJiao was sketching the tent)



The last destination of our trip >> Aqaba, the city by the red sea….the most relaxing day in a week 🙂



The sleeping Wooz who continues his journey to Egypt while we head back to Amman and fly back to London. Life is too meet and to depart……..
(check out his traveling’s blog “Le Garage de Beinstein”)
and this is it……1 weeks in Jordan, my dream country. Thanks to everybody I met and of cause my two awesome companies… will definitely miss both of you and wish we will backpack together again in the future 🙂
While I’m writing this blog I experience  it’s difficult to focus and write down what I saw and felt during this spectacular  traveling…not because neither my lack of English skill nor sleepiness from the long flight yesterday, but because my mind is still roaming in the great dune of Wadi rum by day and sleep under millions of stars and the stunning milky way by night…….
Peace be with you Jordan…..

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