After my previous post about my final project, I had been thinking should I talk about this  or not. It sort of a personal issue and someone might found it a bit strange to bring this topic up. However, I think it might be helpful for anyone who are struggling with diet, lost weight, eat healthy food or think it’s impossible and want to give up. But if you think my post is not what you’re looking for then thank you to at least you check on my blog 🙂

This is not a post about art, design or any of my works like I usually do but This is a post of Pinnary’s personal life…first time ever ! lol

In April one of my friend challenged me to lost some weights, It was suppose to be our amusing competition. However, This was how everything began. I decided to start my diet’s program at the same time of my MA final project. Some said it was too stressful and I should focused on my study and concerned about my diet later. Maybe they are right but um for me there is no tomorrow, if you wait when will you find a “right” time to start?  Thanks to my project which concentrate on good & bad food so I could combine my project into my diet’s plan. With loads of researching and practical meal plan + exercise I started to learned how to eat and appreciate food in the different way. I hadn’t realized when my diet’s program slowly transform to be my sort of healthy eating lifestyle (not 100% but I’m happy at this moment) and my goal changed from “how to lost weight” to “how to live an healthy life”……um not bad isn’t it? lol

It was not easy and there were so many time (I mean it!) that I really want to give up…….but if I can do it, well I think you can do it too….

Date : 14th April – 1st October 2012

Totall lost : 21 kgs

This is me in 12th April 2012

Wish you have an healthy & happiness life XX

p.s. I feel so strange to see myself in 6 frames like this! lol




One thought on “Pinnary’s life chronicle

  1. Well my dearest friend, I am absolutely proud of you. We’d still love you before/after same, but I honour your hard work!! BUT you should upload your BEFORE picture to convince other people!!!

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