Wow… It has been 4 months since the last post!! so many (unbelievable) things happened in the last 4 months….. I still can’t believe it becomes true. After a long journey, started in 14th September 2010, the day I settled my life in Kingston…in London……by myself.

Now I officially (actually I was over excited…I’m not “officially” done yet hahahaha) graduated with Master Degree….. in illustration…..in London


Anyway, back to the point.

After the last post of my 3 main ideas of what would become my MA (the one and only) final project. As food is the “BIG FAT” thing in my family, my culture and our nation…yes I choose food.

But there was a little twist….I decided to change from a graphic novel into series of illustration (in printmaking technique) focus on the context of the relationship between human and food…..how food change people in the good and bad way……yes “a little” twist! lol

For 4 months I had been working on this idea, Eventually it paid my will 🙂 I’m so damn happy with the outcome. check out from pinnary.com  in the printmaking section. my Project called “Foodies : Pleasure or addiction?” the images of the book will come later after I got my work back from my tutor.

But before you go to see my work, please check out my visual summary of the journey of “Foodies” 🙂

Bon Appetite XX


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