I can’t believe my MA course has come to the last project. The final project. I’m a bit sad to think about the fact that we (MA illus and Anime) will have only 6 months to stay together. wow time pass too fast !
Anyway, I just presented the 3 ideas of the works and have to choose which one will be “the one”
First idea : Dancing. the story of the old lady who looks back to her life from an old photo album. Everything will be narrated by the body movement. I choose the scene of father daughter dancing together.

  Second Idea : FOOD + LIFE. the funny today is Robin, my tutor, mentioned to me  that seem like Thai people love to work with food because the last year Thai student, Pear ( the cool illustrator Pear), also worked on the food concept. Well Food is the BIG thing in our country! lol it’s going to be a wordless story of the mystery restaurant and the magic chef. here is the drawing.
and this is kind of the finish one.

Third idea : The forgotten Swans. This idea comes from the ethic group called Mon.  As I have a bit of Mon background from my father-side. the idea is vague at this moment and I don’t want to put more conflict between Mon and Burma. But the main idea is about being forgotten. Nobody wants to be left behind or be unwanted that’s why we, not only the minority groups anywhere in the world but also everybody, still fight for the right of our own identities, our own voice, We to be recognized that we still existed in this world.

if you feel like it or want to leave any comments then I indeed welcome 🙂

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