Here come the last destination of our adventure, Berlin,

On the left hand is the leaflet from Eye film institute Amsterdam, the new building by the river. If you like films and old footage and film art, don’t miss it. We took the train from Amsterdam to Berlin for 6 hours. The seat was big and comfy so our traveling weren’t struggle. Actually I love travel by train rather than bus or plan though. you can see the view of the local places on the journey. ( M was working on her project…..Serious M 🙂
These 2 travelers sat opposite me at the bakery shop in Berlin.
We got the special guide tour in Berlin. P’Lord (M’s undergrad senior) He took us to everywhere in Berlin, both local and tourist places…thank you again for his generousness 🙂 (when me and M were with him we felt like we are the either  mutation women or giant!)
The story of M in Berlin….P’Lord gave us the sim card so that we could call him for cheap. Unfortunately we didn’t have an opportunity to use it -_-!
at Berlin’s wall and someone wants to be part of it…….
I observed the German’s women. They have a confident and independent personalities. ( something like I don’t need guys!) Hardly find them wear girly clothes or high heels. Mostly were boots or converes.
Our last glass of beer in Berlin and also the last meal of our trip. it was such an amazing experiences to have.
And  this was my feeling on the plane back to London……
Yup… that’s it. Thank you everybody for follow my sktchbook’s diary.
Hope I have a new adventure soon but ta! for now. XX

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