This is the second part of our adventure in Europe. This time is one of my dream city, Amsterdam….
We took the bus from Brussels to Amsterdam… wasn’t bad actually. ( this is my imaginary legs because I wish I could have this skinny legs!) we met one of my old friend there. She’s studying MA in Amsterdam at this moment.
Belle of  Nuank Please visit her site. It has a lot of cool stuff there.
While we were talking, I heard the sound “CRACK!”….Well someone was bored so she decided the experiment something…Tissue + fire + glass = let the picture explain what’s really happen.
I got the urgent work to be done so we had to go to Belle’s house. Belle and M went out to walk in the park while I was working in her house…. thanks a millions again Belle, you’re my Angel 🙂

next day we went out for the sight seeing and accidentally found one British pic shop… it was so yummy!! well I know I should tried the traditional amsterdam food but if you had an opportunity, you must try… it’s really good! the place called “Pieminster” have a pie with the gravy sauce and don’t forget Amsterdam’s mint tea. They put the whole mint tea in it and it get along well with the pie. Oh now I’m hungry!!
  Well… one thing you have to be careful in Amsterdam is bikes! they are everywhere and they are the Mafia here. Don’t dare with them!


We were at the Marine Museum. And this is the story of M……

and let me end the blog with the signature of Amsterdam….

Next is our last destination…..BERLIN!!


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