After had been struggling with my Final Major proposal for a month, Me and my Friend M decided to escape from the reality during the Easter vacation. Well, Everybody need break right?
So the adventure of the Asian girls in the Europe continent is: Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin for 9 days!!!

Europe here we come!!!

I decided to bring my sketchbook with me, being an illustrator  already emboss in my life, like a curse or blessing I can’t tell the different.lol
I found out that not only the trip itself was amazing, but my buddy M is one thing that make the trip Much more interesting. Traveled with her felt like you were watching the sitcom show. things always happen and you couldn’t do anything about it but laugh……you’ll find out more 🙂

Part I : Brussels, Belgium

I was a nice city, but beside the grand palace, chocolate and waffle, it didn’t have nothing to do much so we went to the bar around there and tried the local beer….. and we found the GOOD one “Cristal” recommend to anyone 🙂
The observation from the bar. I like the shape of the beer’s glasses.
This is us ( I think I drew myself  “a bit” slim……actually I’m much bigger than that.lol)
First day in Brussels : almost missed the train, get lost to somewhere at night and lost the key card.
  Day 2 : thing was better….. we sat at the cafe near the grand palace and enjoy the sun and people. (M and her MIB look!)
Saw the fried shop behind M so we decided to have some….. something you can find anywhere in Brussels. They served in the triangle shape with so many sauces to choose….. YUMMY!
We had our last meal in Brussels in The japanese Restaurant….so disappoint with everything but the chef 😉
We met new friends here, Melissa from Boston and Markus from Germany. we became good friends 🙂
The story of M : During 2 days in Brussels there was sooooo many strangers came to talk to M. I felt like I traveled with a celebrity.

I end my Brussels’s visual diary for now. Will update the Amsterdam’s journey soon. XX


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