Long time ago I used to make the dream list that one day, as an illustrator, I will go to Bologna children’s book fair in Bologna, Italy (or before the world ends) and enjoy the real Italian food……and finally it becomes true.

Here is the sketches from the bologna’s trip of me and the MA fellows (15 of us)

From the hectic Bologna Children’s book fair to the irresistible Gelatos!
@ the airport
First impression when I arrived the children’s book fair

The member of the trip ( Jiajia, Chiao and CJ)

Italian transportation and my transportation (and the unhealthy but yummy snack )

translate : bread+butter+green apple+salame+ham+cheese on top of fried egg
CJ wanted to take a rest at the bookstore in town ( and she couldn’t take her eyes out off the books)

Bologna’s town

A cute nun among the people & places that we have been.

Gelatos and ham shop


Thanks Jiajia, Chiao and CJ for the trip.
and also everybody that I didn’t see, meet or hang out. You guys are awesome 🙂

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