Actually, I’m not the type of person who pay attention to the wrapping paper when it comes to the birthday gift. it’s about the stuff inside, not outside right?

However, since I choose my life to be an illustrator then I rather start to do something creative. Beside, I’m a bit bore all of the gift wrapping in the store which aren’t that good and expensive…. when you do something to people you are care about, it should be special, don’t you think? it’s just an option for you guy…. but it’s easy & fun πŸ™‚

1. find any A2 or A1 blank paper ( white or colour it’s up to you) I choose white because Jacko, my flatmate, want to get rid of it lol

2. Draw, doodle, paint, spray, stencil anything you want on the paper

but I suggest it should be something relate to that person Ex; what they like, love, hobby, job, orΒ  the incident or story you have together….

3. Time to wrap wrap wrap!

4. find any ribbons and tie it together. I choose the organic ribbon which I got from Muji when I bought the 70% “sale” bedding sheet.


Almost…. to make it more special, I choose to paint happy birthday on the wrapping paper instead of the card…

Then it’s done…..

Hope you like it πŸ™‚

P.S. Jacko was quiet worry about me that night ( it was 1 or 2 am not sure) when I was working on this one cause seem like I had too much time and I just can’t stay still…….lol

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