Lazy sunny Sunday @ my Flat

When I had nothing to do in July, when I was jobless and homeless, I couldn’t find the different between the weekend and the weekday cause, for me,  everyday were the same………had nothing to do!
but Apparently when I got the interns, life just change.
Woke up in the early morning – Had breakfast on the way to the train station – Picked up the free newspaper – stood on the packed rush hours train – bought coffee – walked to the office.
And repeat again and again……………….this is the life of the London interns.
So when the weekend came, all I really want to do is…………nothing!

I just want to take a rest and appreciate the moment of peaceful, no work, no noises, no rush time…..nothing. Just do nothing.


Being an illustrator is something that has already sealed in your soul. You can’t do nothing as it’s kind of against your nature…..umm sometime I feel that this is the curse (or blessing?!? who know)

So this is my sketches from my “Vintage” living room.

Ikea lamp, the design bookssssss (Me & Jacko’s bibles!!!!!) , my film cameras, angry bird?!?, the member of the team international’s pictures, Pre-masters pictures, Jacko’s South Africa stuff, Jacko’s “vintage” bike and my Scotland wool blanket.

My Topshop’s cardigan & The Ikea chair on the late afternoon.
(the Shadow on the floor really catch my eyes.)

Hope you enjoy your lazy weekend as well. xx


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