Move + Job + etc

Sorry that I haven’t updated anything on my blog because of the hectic life I’m having right now.

Seem like everything happen at one time and to be honest, I’m a bit freaking out!

First, if you still remember my map I posted last time, it won the first prize of the they draw and travel’s competition!! and yes I got the money !!!! thanks for Nate and Sallie for everything!!

here is the link theydrawandtravel

Second, I’m going to have my own place !!! yay !!!! my own flat for the first time of my life.

Third, I’m officially the  Londoner interns. Yes! I got the internship here as an Illustrator here in London. at the EBR publishing (The European Business Review, The European Financial Review and the World Business Review magazine) it’s the magazine mainly about the Business and financial stuff but concentrate in the sustainability solution in the world or business.

here is the link TheEuropeanbusinessrwview

And This is the articles I have illustrated…

The illusion of the Environmentism
The illusion of the Environmentism

The rest of the works will update soon…. Tonight let have a good sleep and get ready for the new day



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