Chatucak or “JJ” is one of my all time favotie place in Bangkok. I remembered  the first thing to did in the weekend morning was took the shopping tote and my car keys and went to the market.

So, for the website www.theydrawandtravel.com I have an opportunity to send my “JJ”

and here is the link to my work


and  also if you want to know about life of being an art student in London and how I create and do my work (including my JJ map) you can go and check this out;


you can leave some comment about my work. Which part is good and which part I need to improve. Thank you in advance xx


3 thoughts on “Chatucak Weekend Market @ they draw and travel web

  1. You have a lovely blog! I love your sketches. This one is so colorful and playful. I like how you added plenty of different aspects of the place you visited. As per your request for comments on it, I think the ceramic bowls could use some details/ definition. Everything else is great!

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