The 5 Senses and the Capitalist.

Being a Pre-master student in Kingston is indeed a wonderful opportunity to explore things that I barely do in daily life when I was in Thailand, and obviously printmaking is one of privileges which I’m incredibility chosen. ( In this Semester they divide us into 2 groups, Life drawing and Printmaking which people were fighting to be selected !)


I have 9 weeks to go to finish my big project…..hopefully I can make it !

The Brief : Creative Cut

Title : The 5 Senses & the Capitalists

Technique : Lino cut

Concept : Nowadays, We’re living in the busy consumerist world. It’s difficult to deny or avoid the power of marketing strategy, Advertising and discount’s  campaign…

The question is ” How can we stop our need in buying all of these shits !”

How….? How can we stop ourselves ?

The answer is ……..

just close your senses so that you don’t see, hear, smell, test and touch.

When you don’t have motivation to spending money, then you don’t have to pay or buy things.

I haven’t worked with printmaking since the 3rd year in my Art Ed.

Quite nervous at first……but after struggling for a while with the studio and stuffs, I’m ready !! kind of…..

Here is my linocut’s.

The 5 Senses : Smell, touch, test, see and hear

The first senses : Smell



Print the first colour

My first colour on the tray. ready for the next step.

Will update my final work as soon as possible.

Hop you guys like it 🙂


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